Bobby’s Blog: 2022 is Almost Here

As 2021 comes to a close, it gives us time to reflect on just how tough things are in the world. I personally always look forward to the New Year. Starting January 1st, I always make goals and try to improve myself. The year 2022 is no different. What I am hoping for is healing in the world and that we can come together as humans to love and support each other. In my personal life, 2021 was a rough year like so many others had. I still have optimism and hope for a great 2022 though! This website and company is one reason why. I hope to get back to covering cheer and dance teams/people. Cheer and dance means so much to so many people that I want to make sure we shine the spotlight on as many teams and people we can. I can’t promise what will happen in 2022, but I know that I look forward to it. One of the first things that we hope to do as a company is finish building out our website and adding in all our old content. Then hit the ground running and start covering more teams and people to keep adding content to our website and keep building a brand that we started in 2008.

Bobby Ericson
Owner & Photographer

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