Lincoln Southeast Nebraska High School Cheerleaders 09/19/2014

Lincoln Southeast High School’s cheerleading kiddie clinic was a resounding success this year. The cheerleading team had the opportunity to coach over 125 young girls aspiring to be cheerleaders. While the event went smoothly and seemed seamless, there was months of work that went into creating lifelong memories for the participants and cheerleaders alike. Early last spring, the Varsity team chose a theme for the event and created the t-shirt designs. As the big day approached, the whole team of 42 cheerleaders worked together to create a chant for each grade, choreograph dances, and prepare themselves to organize over a hundred young girls. One member of the team said that parent volunteers were major contributors to the success of the night. With this type of success, next year’s cheer clinic is bound to have just a great of an impact.

This year’s cheerleading team is a wide mix of students from LSE. With 42 members on all four teams, there are lot personalities that makeup the spirit of the LSE cheerleading team. The goal of Coach Lana Harrison is to teach her cheerleaders to be leaders on the field, in the classroom, and the community. In Varsity co-captain Tymber Long, Coach Harrison’s goal has been achieved. She started as a freshman with no cheerleading experience and is now the co-captain of the Varsity squad. One of Tymber’s favorite things of being a cheerleader is knowing that she can make a difference in other people’s lives. She also loves the bond she has made with her teammates. “It’s a combination of the personalities each girl brings to the group mixed with the obstacles we tackle as a team and sprinkled with the inside jokes that only we share. 

Coach Harrison thinks of the cheerleading squad as “one big cheer family”. As with any family, there are ups and downs but at the end of the day everyone supports, encourages, and loves one another. The feeling of family cannot be denied when around the LSE cheerleading squad. Article written by Jennifer Ericson.

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