Cheyenne Central Wyoming High School JV Cheerleaders 01/25/2013

Anna Farrell has taken the Cheyenne Central Junior Varsity team in a new direction adding stunts and skills to their routines and repertoire.

Anna was part of the University of Wyoming cheerleading squad and during her time there assisted with the Cheyenne Central team. This has lead her into coaching her first year for the Cheyenne Central Junior Varsity team.

There are twenty girls and two guys on the squad (mostly underclassmen) and they have been open to learning and exploring new ways to wow the crowds and keep up to date with the competition.

The night that We Cover Cheer was on the scene the team had some nerves, but according to Anna they smiled more which was great for crowd appeal! The team has really grown together and due to the fact most have never cheered before making the squad they are learning so much and continue to become a great team!

Written by Paige K.

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