Demi Inspires and Leads by Example

 Demi has started her love affair with cheerleading and dance at a young age. Demi become a dancer at the precocious age of 3 in her hometown of Greeley, Colorado. Since she started her dance career, Demi has performed as a cheerleader, a dancer, and a gymnast. While in high school, Demi was selected as part of the Varsity Cheerleading squad during her freshman year of school. Two years later, she was given the opportunity to have an internship at Backstage Pass Dance Studio.

While dancing has always been one of Demi’s greatest love, she put this passion on hold for something else that is just as important to her. Demi served six years for Colorado Army National Guard as a chemical nuclear biological and radiation specialist.  At the end of her service career, Demi decided that she wanted rekindle her love with dance and cheering.

Demi does not just love dancing but she also loves teaching others to love the sport. In 2012, Demi became the O’Connell Middle School Cheer Coach. Through coaching, Demi works to inspire young men and woman to believe in themselves. Demi is a great believer that anyone can do anything if they work hard enough and she strives to get all of her athletes to feel the same way. Demi has not only coached at O’Connell Middle School but also been the coach for the Lakewood Rec Cheerleading and Gymnastics teams, Dunstand Middle School Cheerleaders, Green Mountain High School Varsity Poms, and Commerce City Dance and Gymnastics.

In 2013, Demi decided to become an entrepreneur as well as a dancer. She started the Colorado Eclipse All Star Cheerleading and Dance. Demi has worked hard not only to make dance and cheer her passion but also her livelihood. Through her business, Demi has been able to expand her reach in helping youths become hardworking, dedicated, and involved. Demi also made the Colorado Eagles dance team. Demi believes in leading by example and she shows it everyday while cheering, coaching, and running her business. 

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