Denver Nuggets Dance Team Tryouts 07/14/2007

On 07-14-2007, the Denver Nuggets Dancers held their preliminary auditions.  Bobby from We Cover Cheer was there to cover day one.  

Day one consisted of 224 girls trying out for one of 18 spots.  When I arrived at the Pepsi Center there were girls already lining up around the building.  I first met up with Kristin Engler, a former Denver Nugget Dancer and judge, walked me in to the Pepsi Center past the frenzy of audition hopefuls.  She introduced me to Sarah Schachterle, the Director and Choreographer, for this phenomenal dance team.  Sarah went the extra mile all day to make sure the dancers were learning in a fun and energetic environment.  Even though she must have been stressed with all of the hard work behind executing an audition, Sarah didn’t let it show at all.

Around noon, Sarah, along with some demo girls, taught an “across the floor” combination that consisted of basic kicks, leaps, turns and a little style. After some practicing, the judges were brought in and introduced to the girls.  Sarah had selected a panel of judges that represented a large array of professions. She had everyone from a major sports magazine editor to Justin Timberlake’s assistant choreographer.

The girls lined up in order and danced in groups of two to show the judges their moves.  It was interesting to see what girls had it and which didn’t.  I could tell almost immediately who had been on the team previously and who was lacking in dance training.  After all 224 girls danced, the judges left the court to deliberate cutting approximately fifty percent of the candidates to move on to the next round.

The next phase involved learning a full routine. Sarah and the demo girls taught the routine in about an hour (which I’m told is fairly quick for a one minute routine).  After rehearsing the combination a few times through, the girls were now ready to showcase the routine to the judges one last time before being selected for day two.  The judges narrowed down the next round to about 60 women

The remainder of the audition consisted of the ‘day two, boot-camp’, an interview and a night designated for the final audition.  About forty women were invited to finals.  I briefly spoke with one of the judges from the final round stating that “this was one of the toughest decisions we’ve ever had to make because of the incredible talent level these ladies bring. Sarah is going to have a beautiful team”. 

The judges and Sarah selected 18 beautiful and talented women to represent the Denver Nuggets for the 2007-2008 season.

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