Greeley Central Colorado High School Cheerleaders 09/21/2012

You probably have heard of Greeley Central Cheer team around Colorado, the team loves to show their spirit and involvement in the community! That’s not even close to the beginning of it, the team has so much spirit that they cheer for every sport at the High school such as: football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, cross country, wrestling and baseball.

This squad involves 17 girls and 5 boys ranging from 2 freshman, 9 sophomores, 7 juniors, 4 seniors. The team has spent the season perfecting their sideline cheers and routines from camp to be performed for the first home football game.

The big goal for the team is to make the top 5 in the Colorado State Cheer Competition in December! The coaches that are leading the way are Lisa McGee along with her Assistant Sarah that just joined this summer!

Lisa started the season feeling overwhelmed and a little intimidated, but as the season has gone along they have learned to respect and grow together. “I can honestly say I am proud to know and coach every single athlete on this team. They blow me away every day.” (Lisa McGee)

Written by Paige K

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