Kemmerer Wyoming High School Cheerleaders 09/07/2012

The Kemmerer Rangers Cheerleading Squad has so much to look forward to From Mini Cheer camp to the Homecoming festivities for the school! High expectations are set in place and this group of girls is ready for the challenge. The girls have started practice for the year all the way back in June and plan to finish strong until March when they claim the trophy. The coach pushing the girls to their fullest is Aarika Walker with assistance from younger sister Abby Housley. Aarika and Abby both know how it feels for these girls because they were a part of the team for four years!

Aarika also went on to cheer at the University of Wyoming for four years! The squad itself has 5 returners: Samie Neilson, Paige Ketelson, Kelsi Nicotera, Shanaya Antilla, Katie Werner and 3rookies: Kiera Black, Ashley Mcphie, Jessica Mendoza with 1 alternate: Amber Johnston ready to show what they have been preparing for all season!

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