Interview with Amy Day a Cheerleader from Kansas City Chiefs

Hi Amy, tell us more about the CC Variety Show, As Time Goes By: Memories Last Forever.

The show is a journey from the 1940s to today. We feature music from each year that captures the spirit of that time. There is singing, dancing, acting, and over 40 costume changes. A narrator introduces each decade, describing moments from that ear such as the price of gas, popular movies, and events that were taking place.

What is your favorite part of the show?

We end the show with a patriotic section. I think that every girl who performs the show agrees that is the best part!

Where have the CCs performed?

We have traveled to Cuba, Italy, Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and Germany. We have performed at numerous events in Kansas and Missouri, as well as Seattle and Omaha, and most recently Maryland.What else do you do for the troops besides the show?When we visit the bases, we truly get to know them. We want to meet as many troops as possible before the show and personally invite them to come. We want to know about the base, who these men and women are, what is their job, where are they from. Doing the show is so much fun, but my fondest memories come from conversations I’ve had one on one.

What did you do during this particular trip?

We went to Bethesda hospital in Maryland, where we met “wounded warriors,” soldiers who were severely injured in Iraq. They were some of the bravest men I have met. Near the end of our trip, 176 troops were returning home from Iraq at the Maryland airport, and we were the first ones to greet them as they stepped off the plane. Seeing them reunited with their families is something that I will never forget.

As you retire, what are your top 3 moments as an NFL cheerleader?

Cheering at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. Traveling to Egypt to perform and seeing the pyramids! Then probably my last home game cheering, it was very special.

Why did you initially try out for the NFL?

I grew up dancing and bumped into a girl with whom I used to dance, who at the time was a Chiefs Cheerleader.

I honestly had no idea I could try out to do that! So I kept in touch with her and auditioned two months later and made it!

Of course your reasons for returning are quite different, wouldn’t you say?

Yes definitely. It’s just in your blood! I feel that I have grown so much from being a part of the Chiefs organization. It’s more than just dancing in front of 80,000 people. I have had the chance to participate in so many events that I never would have experienced. I have been able to reach out to my community and make a difference. I made the best friends of my life! Chiefs is more than just a team. We really become a family. Our squad really takes the time to bond as sisters.

Any advice to girls considering auditioning for a pro squad?

Talk to as many people as you can who have cheered. You need to want the experience with all your heart because it is a huge commitment. Look at your life and schedule and make sure it is going to work. It is sometimes difficult to balance a full time job, a family, your friends, your own life, and professional cheering. If you decide it is something you want then just be positive. Go into auditions with an optimistic attitude. I guarantee you will get something out of the experience no matter what the outcome is.

As Amy closes her chapter with the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders, she is excited to serve future professional cheerleaders and dancers as a Going Pro Entertainment Consultant.Thank you Amy for a wonderful interview!
(Photo was given to us to use in this post)

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