Interview with Ashlee Arnau a Cheerleader from William Carey University

We had the chance to interview Ashlee after her amazing shot that was shown all over ESPN, Fox Sports and plenty other networks. (video can be seen here:

1. How long have you been practicing that shot?

I only practice during the half time of games but I have been attempting since after Christmas.

2. How many attempts did you do that night before making it?


3. What was it like after you made it? How excited were you?

I could only think of one word when I made it and that was “Finally”. But I was so excited that my family and friends were there that have supported and were patient with me.

4. Being that your a junior, do you have plans on having an even better trick shot next year?

I have an idea but it will be a little tricky going backwards this time.

5. Has anyone else on the cheer squad attempted the shot? If so, anyone else able to do it?

Yes, a couple of girls have tried but they either didn’t get the concept of picking the ball up or were to afraid to pick the ball up.

6. What was it like seeing your self on highlight films across the country?

It was unreal I didn’t expect it would be so big, I only thought I was going to be on my local news.

7. Aside from the shot, tell us more about how long you have been doing cheer and what it means to you to be a cheerleader for William Carey University. 

I cheered my 7th and 8th grade year at Oak Grove Middle School, than I cheered my Freshman and Sophomore year at Pearl River Community College and Now cheer my first year for William Carey University as a Junior. To be a William Carey University Cheerleader is a sense of pride not only in myself but in my school, I feel like it represents leadership. I am expected to be a role model on the court and off and to have a higher accountability in the class room. It’s an honor to be a representation of my school as a William Carey University Cheerleader.

8. Anything else you would like to let our readers know?

Just because you fail once, twice, or maybe three times at something that seems impossibly, just remember a little faith can go a long way, and anything is possible if you just believe.

Thank you Ashlee for sharing your story on your amazing shot.

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