Wahoo Nebraska High School Dance Team 10/11/2013

  The Wahoo High School Dance Team coach, Megan Reisen, has worked hard to help her team grow over the past three years that she has been coach. She has helped all of the girls realize that goals are important in order to succeed. The team has set their goal for the 2013-2014 year to be place first at the Nebraska State Dance Competition. The team has narrowly missed this goal the last two years. With the team’s hard work and determination, Reisen thinks their goal is very realistic because of their personal ambition as well as the overall drive and determination of the team.  Captain, senior Laura Barry, loves how the team comes together to support each other as well as the rest of the school. Having such a close-knit team and community is part of the reason that the Wahoo Dance team has excelled so much since Reisen took the team under her wing.

         Reisen’s favorite part about working with such an amazing group of young women is that she gets to see them grow as dancers, performers, and young women. “It’s an incredible feeling to see the progress each team has made from the beginning of a season during the summer to the state competition that rounds up our season”.  Reisen remembers being in her team’s shoes not so long ago. She was very involved in dance growing up and was a part of the Midland University dance team for four years. While at Midland University, Reisen earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. As well as coaching the Wahoo High School Dance Team, Reisen owns and operates the local dance studio and works on the side in a pharmaceutical lab.  Much of her free time is dedicated to dance and helping young men and women become better at their chosen sport. She has been teaching dance for seven years.

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